Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Emma's famous picture

A few weeks ago one of the local newspapers called us and told us they were running a short story on baby names. In 2008 Emma was the most popular girls name and they wanted to see if we would be interested in sending a picture of our Emma in. Why not, right? Anyways, we sent in one of my favorites and she appeared in the paper on Father's Day! Here are a few shots.

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First Hair Cut

On Tuesday we took Isabelle for her first haircut.. I can't believe she is already old enough for a hair cut!! She has always been very blessed with a full head of hair and I was pretty content letting it grow but I am really glad we had it trimmed - it looks so much healthier! We weren't really sure how she would do, especially because brushing her hair is such a battle at home.. Anyways, we took her to a place geared for kids and it was awesome! Isabelle did amazing and maybe even enjoyed it ;)

before picture...

a t.v. at every chair

She climbed up in the chair and "zoned" into the movie!

The pink lollipop was a great treat =)

We don't really have a good "after" picture yet.. we will work on it!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

random shots and a hike ;)

I am really behind in posting and don't know where to start to get caught up.. So here are a few recent shots and some pictures of a hike we took last week.

bath time x2 is always an adventure!

okay.. so why are we playing with a sled in June.. ?? lol

Last Tuesday we enjoyed a sunny day and decided to take advantage by going on a hike! We have had sooo much rain that a clear, sunny day was very welcome =) The scowl and then pout on Isabelle's face below is a very "typical" Isabelle expression! Classic..

Emma did great in the backpack!

Isabelle really wanted to put Emma on her back..
We bought a CT State Park season pass and are hoping to use it alot this summer! Now if only the weather would cooperate..