Friday, March 20, 2009

Emma - 5 mos. old

Emma turned 5 mos old a little over a week ago. She loves toys and everything goes in her mouth! Isabelle also loves helping her discover new toys to chew on - lol - so I have to keep my eye on them ;) Emma rolls over occasionally but is still not a big fan of tummy time. She is growing quick and already wearing many 6-9 mos outfits. We are really enjoying this age! She is so sweet and good natured, plus she can't say "no" yet.. hehe..

Emma had her first taste of rice cereal a week ago. She did okay with it and is still adjusting to it's new texture and very bland taste. My grandma was here for the big event and also got to give her a few spoonfuls which was so special.

"Elmo Live"

Last Saturday we took Isabelle to see Sesame Street Live, "When Elmo Grows Up". She has lovingly referred to it as "Elmo Live" for the last several weeks! She was so excited and she really enjoyed it!!

It was an absolutely gorgeous theatre.

Telly wanted to grow up to be a Cowboy.

Abby wanted to grow up to be a Fairy Godmother like her mommy.

Sister time

Here are some of my new favorite shots of Isabelle and Emma!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Finally.. a real snowman!

This past weekend warmed up enough to create great snow for making a snowman! Isabelle was so excited to build a real snowman.. I think it actually overwhelmed her a bit because of his size!

Isabelle kissed the snowman good-bye! He didn't even last 24 hours b/c of the warm temperatures.

New Hampshire Trip

Last week we went up to New Hampshire and spent a night with Bobby's parents and grandpa. They live in a great area - a huge lake in the summer and a beautiful ski mountain in the winter. Bobby took off for a little while and had a great time skiing.

Isabelle found Bobby's old bike in the basement and had fun riding around!

Emma and Grandma Davis

Isabelle and Emma with Great Grandpa Joe

More snow pictures

Here are some more snow pictures from last weeks storm! My car was buried and took a while for Bobby and Isabelle to clean. ;) In TN we had a 2 car attached garage.. now we have a one car detached garage .. lol! Hopefully when we find a house, we will find another one with some kind of attached garage.. winter is way too long up here!

Isabelle is still not a big fan of walking in the snow.. so most of the time she would just plop down and was more than content to sit there!

My parent's driveway.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Winter Storm Demi

Isabelle and Daddy had a great time in the snow this morning. Winter Storm Demi brought us about 10 inches of snow!

The tiniest snowman ever..