Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Vacation

Our summer vacation began when the Bradberry's flew up from Tennesse and they were fortunate enough to bring some celebrities along with them... ;) Here is a picture of Amy and I with Lady Antebellum! They were super sweet and we were really excited about their upcoming concert that evening.

We left the boys at home with all three little girls, grabbed our raincoats (it was actually a chilly day) and headed to the concert to see Lady Antebellum, Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney. I'm not even going to mention how the concert really was or how long we stayed - lol - we were definitely out of our league and let's just say I will never buy lawn tickets to a sold out event again...

The next day we headed up to Bobby's parent's cottage in Fairhaven, Mass. My pictures are not necessarily in order from the trip. For a much better recap of our trip and some similar pics ;) check out Amy's blog.

Here are a few of our Boston pictures! Unfortantely, the weather really worked against us and it was soo hot. We still had a great time and were able to see a few of Boston's hot spots!

Some beach pictures..

a few of the girls..

the pool was a big hit

along with the hose ;)

waiting patiently for our Martha's Vineyard Trip.

on the steamship!

slightly wind-blown but it felt great!!

Emma enjoyed her first boat ride!

We took a 2.5 hour sightseeing trip around the island. It was an awesome way to see everything and enjoy the air conditioning!

the sweetest picture of Isabelle & Anna Kate and the only one out of way too many to mention where they are both looking at the camera and smiling!

This picture sums up the vacation for me - LOVE it.. two old buddies just hanging out on the bus chatting! We had an awesome time and can't wait to plan our next trip!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Playing a bit of catch up..

Okay, so I am forever behind.. so here is a bunch of recent pictures!
We had a very busy weekend at the end of July and enjoyed a visit from all our Maryland buddies - Cherry, Jeff, Ava and Kyla & Josh, Lisa and Madilyn. We had great weather and spent a ton of time in the pool and yard.

a sweet moment with grandma

and a rare moment with Uncle Andrew

Cherry & Kyla, Emma & I

grandpa overseeing some of the girls!!

Kyla & Emma

we had a small birthday bash for the August babies! Can't believe Ava is 4 and Kyla will be 1 in a week!

After the busy weekend, we headed up to Sturbridge Village in MA for a day trip with Josh, Lisa and Madilyn.

We had a wonderful visit with the Ridgely's and can't wait to visit them soon in their new house!!
Later that week, we headed to the beach for a playdate..
okay, Isabelle's sunglasses and headband.. oh my!

we spend alot of time at daddy's garden

Emma loves cheerios!

Isabelle's last nap.. last Wednesday!! ugh.. maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day!

standing at the sand table =)

... and LOVING it!!