Sunday, November 15, 2009

Birthday Parties!!

2 Birthday parties in less than a month, a new house with lots of outside projects to get done before winter really sets in, a really annoying cough/cold that Bobby and I have had and the everyday craziness of chasing (not walking yet, but soon!) my sweet one year old and determined "almost" three year old... Anyways, here are a few pictures from the recent festivities!

Here was Emma's first birthday cake!

Gotta have pink and brown EVERYTHING! ;)

Here is Isabelle's 3rd birthday cake!
slightly excited and her new extreme smile!

It wasn't too cold but it wasn't warm either! They didn't seem to mind ;)

I seem to have alot of pictures of them like them.. Emma basically saying "Let me go!"

this one is a bit better I guess.. Isabelle loved her birthday hat and wore it most of the day!


Lisa Ridgely said...

Looks like two fun parties! You always make such cute cakes - they both look great!

Hope things slow down for you soon and you and Bobby feel better! It seems everyone is getting it this year. Madilyn and I both caught the flu. Today was the first day we left the house in a week...awful. Thankfully she seems to be almost better, and I'm getting there, I hope! So far Josh has only had a few sniffles...I don't know how he managed to get so lucky!

Give the girls our hugs! Hope you have a good week!!