Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Fall Pictures!

Okay.. way too many pictures were taken over a two day span! But we had to take advantage of the nice weather and the beautiful fall colors.. plus an incredible leaf pile - can't ask for much more!

what an expression.. and who taught her to puff out her chest?!

being attacked by leaves!

thanks for the leaf pile grandpa!


Amy said...

These pictures are incredible! Great to see those smiling faces.

Lisa Ridgely said...

What cuties! You got so many great shots! The ones of Isabelle with her hair parted and in a little side ponytail remind me so much of pictures of you as a little girl! And, yes, the white sweater was Madilyn's - it looks so cute on Emma! There's actually a blue one too that's a bit bigger with the same butterfly, I'm actually not sure if I have it or if you do - I can't remember exactly what size it was. Anyway, it looks adorable on her!!

Ashley said...

They are beautiful girls!!! I love the smiles so much!