Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last few weeks!

The last few weeks have been a blur around here - a ton of back and forth between the new house and the old (about 5 miles so not too bad!), lots of packing, cleaning, painting etc... I am so thankful we are almost through the "craziness". We have been so fortunate to have so much help and support, which has made our move much easier! The house looks great and we are now on night 3 - Yay! My pictures are random - I will have to post more again soon.. but at least here are some to give a general overview!

My brother Andrew was our painter! We repainted everything - trim, ceilings & walls. My dad helped him with most of the trim. Andrew is just finishing up our master bath tonight and mudroom.
Bobby's dad came down a few times from NH to help. I love his outfits and knee pads ;) He helped us put a ceiling fan/heater in the master bath and he also had the terrible task of cleaning the basement!
Bobby's mom also came down a few times and helped make the house sparkle. She helped clean the bathrooms, kitchen, floors etc... My grandmother and cousin Victoria also joined in on the kitchen team by cleaning the cupboards!

This is Isabelle's room before carpet and paint.

The living room before..
My mom was a huge help with the kids plus a big inspiration to my packing! We enjoyed quite a few meals at our card table.
I think Andrew has an artistic side and loved to get the paint out of his rollers on our walls...
The dining room/playroom after...
Emma's very pink room - but it has grown on me and I am really enjoying the bright, fun color!
Kids bathroom - bright green - a bit too much but once again I think it is growing on us. It is called "fresh cut grass" :) We were so lucky to have 2 friends come over one afternoon who have an amazing eye for colors - they picked out all of our colors in under 2 hours! We couldn't have done it without their expertise.
These are the accent walls in our living room/back wall of the kitchen. Love the color - Georgian Brick!
the other side of our living room - sweet butter!
Emma's favorite thing - feeding herself! Gotta love the yogurt :)
Last week we took a much needed break from the chaos and walked down the street to our neighborhood playground.

Emma is getting so big! 2 more weeks til she turns one! I can't believe it.

Random side note: we moved back to CT on October 31st 2007 (where does the time go??) Isabelle was 11 mos, 10 days. Moving day last week to our new house was September 25th 2009 Emma was 11 mos, 10 days old. I think that is really strange! What are the chances? seriously! Plus it is so hard for me to picture that Isabelle was that little when we moved back from Tennessee.. They really do grow up so quick!

LOVE Emma's shoes! too cute.


Lisa Ridgely said...

Everything looks so great!! It's so sweet that everyone pitched in - I'm sure it made the whole process so much easier and more fun! You all got so much done so quickly! I'm sure you are happy to be in and enjoying it...can't wait to see more photos!

Amy said...

SO glad you posted this! I've been missing you like crazy these past few weeks. I've been wanting to see pictures of this big change! I seriously thought about getting on a plane last weekend because I wanted to be there so bad to help you. Glad you had tons of help! it is looking so good! I know you will be glad when the process is over. Things will calm down soon.

I want to see a picture of Isabelle's purple room!

Crazy about the girls being the EXACT same ages. To the DAY. It is funny because looking through the pics before I read that I was thinking about Isabelle being about the same age as Emma on your moving day here.

Anyway... CAN'T wait to see the inside of your new place! Glad we at least got to see the outside when we were there!